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PARK(ing) Day 2014

PARK(ing) Day 2014

Every year on the 3rd Friday in September, you might notice something different than cars in the metered spots that fill the streets of your City. Maybe you’ve spotted a giant chess board, or maybe you see a racetrack, or a paper airplane station, or maybe just chairs and plants? Well, what you’ve just spotted is PARK(ing) day in progress.

PARK(ing) day happens every year as a way to get residents to think of how we interact with, and use the public space within our community. The event ‘provides temporary public open space…one parking spot at a time”. The mission of the event is to create awareness about the need for more urban open space to improve the quality of urban human habitat.

So, how can you get involved? Well first you can check with your city to see what events might be taking place and where they are taking place. Maybe you can make your own parklet, or just go see the event and learn more about the participants in your city. CBB will be participating in St. Louis Parking day downtown. Be sure to check back for photos!

There are also numerous resources on enhancing awareness of public space for many days after PARK(ing) day. The American Planning Association sponsors Great Public Spaces in America every year. The APA recognizes those areas that help promote a sense of community and social interaction. St. Louis has many places on the list, including Wydown Boulevard, Washington Avenue, Forest Park, and the Delmar Loop.

The Project for Public Spaces is also a great resource that serves the mission to create and sustain public places that help build communities. The Project for Public Spaces focuses on placemaking, the idea that public spaces are the heart of every community, which inspires to create and improve these spaces, and strengthen the connection between people and places.

So, be sure to check out what is going on in a community near you and get involved in the process of ‘Living your City’!

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