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Meet the Staff Monday: Tony Bertolini, Transportation Intern

Meet the Staff Monday: Tony Bertolini, Transportation Intern

This Monday we are introducing you to another of CBB’s interns—Tony Bertolini. Tony is studying Civil Engineering in the UMSL/WUSTL Joint Engineering Program. Continue reading to learn more about Tony!




My favorite thing to do in St. Louis is:

To go to a Cardinals game, Blues game, and to hang out Downtown

The best vacation you I have ever taken:

Two-week trip through Italia

Aside from role at CBB, my other job is:

I enjoy fitness, cars, vacations and motorcycles.

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be… and why?

Taiwan, Thailand, beautiful hidden island beach resorts

The sport I most enjoy watching is:

I enjoy watching football and golf

Summer or Winter, and why?

Summer. I enjoy going outside.

My favorite thing about working at CBB is:

The culture, passion and drive of all my other coworkers helps motivate me to be a better engineer.

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