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Meet the Staff Monday – Rob Twillman, PE, PTOE

Meet the Staff Monday – Rob Twillman, PE, PTOE

We are bringing back our Meet the Staff Monday posts with a fresh new face this week. Rob Twillman, PE, PTOE is an Associate – Transportation Engineer. Rob has over 10 years of traffic and transportation engineering experience and has been with CBB since 2006. He has a background in roadway design, as well as signal operations. Rob has received extensive training on ADA  and works to ensure that designs at CBB comply with PROWAG standards for sidewalk and curb ramp design. Rob received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri – Saint Louis in 2003. Take a moment to get to know more about Rob!

  1. The best vacation I have ever taken: My honeymoon in Hawaii. We spent 5 days in Maui which was awesome even though it rained the first day (which the locals were super excited about) and they had an earthquake a few hours before we got there. Then we spent 2 days in Honolulu on Waikiki Beach. We are planning on going back this year and I am really looking forward to it.
  2. During my time working as an engineer my most memorable experience has been: I don’t know if it is the MOST memorable, but working downtown late at night on the Arch project on detour timing during closures of I-44 was the one that sticks out to me recently. I like getting out in the field, in the cabinets and seeing the changes happen in person. Seeing a backup clear from changing a couple of things in a signal controller is pretty neat…at least for me it is.
  3. The sport I most enjoy watching is…and my favorite team is: I like watching the Blues though I don’t actually get to watch them much. I play hockey also…well roller hockey which ice hockey players don’t count as hockey.
  4. Summer or winter and why: I like the snow sometimes, but I like summer way more. I like being outside with the kids or playing wiffleball at my brothers more than I like freezing and 2 hour commutes from a ½ inch of snow.
  5. My favorite thing about working at CBB is: The fun people. Everyone here love my sarcastic sense of humor and they never get tired of it.

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