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Meet the Staff Monday: Paige Martz

Meet the Staff Monday: Paige Martz

Our latest update of Meet the Staff Monday features our newest team member, Paige Martz.  She recently graduated in May 2017 from University of Wisconsin with an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering; she also holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Missouri, and she has since become and EIT.   As an undergraduate, her work on the safety of DDI and conventional interchanges was presented to state legislators at Undergraduate Research Day at the Capital and she was one of 60 students chosen nationwide to present at Posters on the Hill.  Continue reading to learn more about Paige!

  1. The best vacation you I have ever taken:  One of my favorite, and a somewhat common vacation, is going to Colorado with my family and spending a week hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I love the quiet and calm that comes with being surrounded by miles of nature. Plus, there’s nothing quite like family bonding when there’s no internet, television, or phone service.
  2. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be… and why?  Japan. I would love to experience the culture and the food.
  3. The best concert I have ever been to:  The Killers. They’re one of my all-time favorite bands. The opening acts were Queens of the Stoneage and Gogol Bordello which made the night even better.
  4. My favorite thing to do in St. Louis is:  I haven’t been here long but so far it’s been eating! There are so many diverse restaurants to choose from.
  5. Summer or Winter, and why?  I’ve always had trouble with this question! I like the changing of the seasons and being able to change up my wardrobe a few times a year. Plus, the weather usually changes right around when I start to get tired of the current weather.

Favorite transportation experience:  My favorite transportation experience encompassed the entire time I lived in Madison, Wisconsin. I could travel pretty much anywhere without a car. Bus transit is reliable and extensive and Madison is also very much a bike friendly city. I enjoyed watching the watching the 10+ cyclists queue up during rush hour at some of the larger intersections.


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