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Meet the Staff Monday: Mike Harper

Meet the Staff Monday: Mike Harper

Today we want to take the time to introduce you to Mike Harper, CADD Technician at CBB. Mike earned his degree in Computer Aided Drafting from Southwestern Illinois College in 2005. Mike married his high school sweetheart, Sarah, and they have four kids: Evan, Ellie, Makenna and Anessa. He has been a valued employee at CBB for 10 years – in fact, he interviewed for his job the day after his son Evan was born. We got his responses to a few of our #MSM questions. Enjoy!

1. The best vacation I have ever taken: I enjoy all the vacations I get to take, as long as it is spending time with my wife and kids.  I definitely enjoy being out on a lake fishing, and relaxing better than going to amusement parks though.

2. Aside from my role at CBB, my other job is: Audio Engineer.  I’m the head of our Tech team at our church and I also work live sound for concerts and plays in the area.  I’ve worked several concerts at the Alton Amphitheater, Concerts at the Baseball Stadium in Marion, IL, and also done some things at Six Flags, and different churches.  I’ve also designed and installed sound systems for churches.

3. During my time working in this role, the most memorable experience has been: There are some projects that just stick in your mind, some that were interesting designs, others you remember because they seemed like they were the never ending project.  I can’t say that I have a favorite project, and with as much as I get annoyed by the software we use, doing the fiber and network connection diagrams for signals and ITS, I find the most interesting.

4. The best concert I have ever been to:  I’d have to say the Citizens Way concert I worked at Rent-One Ballpark in Marion.  We got to enjoy the minor league ballgame from a suite and hang out with the band.  Then after the game I got to run sound them at the Pavilion area of the stadium.  They put on a great show for about 2000 people.

5. The sport I enjoy the most watching is…and my favorite team: This is St. Louis, The best baseball city, of course the Cardinals!

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