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Meet the Staff Monday: Junyu Guo, EIT

Meet the Staff Monday: Junyu Guo, EIT

It’s that time again for another edition of Meet the Staff Monday! We hope you enjoy learning about our people with these posts. Today we are highlighting Junyu Guo (JY), EIT, Transportation Modeler. JY has been with CBB since 2011 and focuses primarily on CBB efforts related to transportation modeling. JY earned a BS in Transportation from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2008, and a MS in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering from the University of Missouri in 2011. JY is proficient in multiple modeling software packages and excels in his role at CBB because of his passion for the field and his careful attention to detail. Read more about JY below!

1. The best vacation I have ever taken: Miami, Florida

We traveled to Miami in December 2013 and the timing was great. It was the coldest winter in St. Louis, so the warmth was much needed. In fact, the day we left our flight was delayed by 3 hours due to a snow/ice mixture. We arrived in Miami late in the afternoon and I stepped off the plane to be greeting by warm air hitting my face, a clear sky, sunshine, and the view of palm trees all around! Although we knew our car was buried in snow back at the STL Airport, we had found a bit of summer.

We really enjoyed Miami because it was very relaxing, and we were able to do a lot of activities we enjoy on vacation. My wife and I went to a lot of good restaurants, most of which were in walking distance from our hotel. We also got to spend one whole day on the beach, visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, and also take an airboat adventure tour in the Everglades National Park.

2. Aside from my role at CBB, my other job is: Untrained Handyman

My wife, Fang, calls me an Untrained Handyman when I do work at home. I like to spend time outside of CBB on housework, such as panting, easy plumbing, gardening and woodwork. Just last month I built a wood shelf in my basement that looks great. When I told my wife the amount of money we save from my ‘handyman’ work, it was a very exciting moment! Home improvement jobs are time and energy consuming, but I do enjoy these working piece by piece and focusing my attention on all the details.

3. During my time working as an engineer, my most memorable experience is: St. Peters AJR

The St. Peters Access Justification Report (AJR) was the first large scale modeling project I did while at CBB. The project limits included I-70 between the Missouri River Bridge and the MO 94 interchange, approximately 3.4 miles. The project involved using HSC, Synchro and Vissim in the Micro-Simulation Process to show the difference between Existing conditions and the proposed plan in both 2015 and 2035. This large scale project included 77 origins and destinations, and more than 1,800 static routes in the final Vissim model.

This project was the most challenging because we had to finish in 2-3 months what would typically take 6 months. As a new traffic engineer it was challenging because of the hundreds of technique questions involved and mistakes that were made. Although I spent many long days at the office (usually 12 hours, including weekends), I learned a lot about the modeling process and the importance of all the details.

4. My favorite thing to do in St. Louis: Walking and canoeing in Creve Coeur Lake Park

I enjoy walking around this gorgeous lake listening to my iPod when there is nice weather. In the summer, the scenery in the park is beautiful and it is a very peaceful place, completely surrounded by nature. It is also fun to bring friends and family to BBQ or rent Kayaks and Canoes for the water.

5. My favorite thing about working at CBB: The people and the culture

Every leader at CBB considers each employee’s career goal. They do a great job mentoring everyone and helping them on their professional path. CBB is full of great, hardworking people, who are willing to always help each other out. Our cross-training program allows for many employees to work together and help one another out. For example, I get a lot of help optimizing signal plans for my models from Jonathan Deves, who works primarily on CBB operations tasks.


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