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Meet the Staff Monday: Erika Fuesting

Meet the Staff Monday: Erika Fuesting

It’s that time again for our favorite blog post highlighting the wonderful people working so hard every day to enhance the communities where CBB works. Meet Erika Fuesting: Project Manager – Signals, Lighting and ITS. Erika has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Erika has over 19 years of experience in the Electrical Engineering field
and her primary focus is Traffic Signal Design, and the development of plans, specifications, and cost estimates for a wide range of signal, ITS and lighting projects. We sat down with Erika to learn more about what she likes to do outside of her time at CBB. Enjoy!

1. My favorite thing to do in St. Louis is: attend Cardinal baseball games and hang out downtown afterward.

2. The best vacation I have ever taken: the one that I am getting read to take…each time I’m getting ready to take one. Really though, it is hard to narrow down the best, since I’ve taken quite a few with drastic variation of location/activity/climate – difficult to compare and say which is ‘best’.

3. The best concert I have ever been to: Catherine Wheel at the Firehouse (dating myself, it has been closed awhile now) – great show, not the best concert ever but so many funny/entertaining circumstances surrounding that night it still makes me laugh today.

4. Summer or winter…why? Fall… season baseball, turning of the leaves, crisp air, and drastic reduction in humidity!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know all about Erika. For more information on our Traffic Signal services, or any CBB services and projects, please contact us at

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