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Meet the Staff Monday: Carrie Falkenrath, PE, PTOE, PTP

Meet the Staff Monday: Carrie Falkenrath, PE, PTOE, PTP

Time again to introduce you to another wonderful person at CBB. Today we want to introduce you to Carrie Falkenrath, PE, PTOE, PTP. Carrie has over 17 years experience in engineering, planning, and management on transportation and traffic projects. Carrie has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla, and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering Transportation Systems from University of Washington. Carrie is instrumental in the transportation planning efforts of CBB. Read more to find out what she does outside of her role here!

1. The best vacation I have ever taken: That’s a tough one. I’m kind of a vacation junkie.  I’m usually planning the next one (and sometimes the next!) before I get home.  I think it would have to be either the three weeks my husband I spent Hawaiian-island hopping for our Honeymoon or RVing and cruising through Alaska for our 5th  Those were both B.C. (before children) – our trips aren’t nearly as long, or as far, these days!

2. Aside from my role at CBB, my other job is: Mom.  I love that job best!  I have two kids: Ava (11) and Nolon (7) – but as busy as they keep me, you’d think I had four!  *Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what my kids names have in common!

3. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be…and why?: Seriously?  You’re killin’ me smalls.  I have a destination list that’s pages long.  We’ve always wanted to do an epic trip to Australia/New Zealand, though.

4. If I could have dinner with anyone from history it would be…and why?: My Mom – we lost her 15 years ago. She was such an incredibly strong and confident person; she had an opinion on most everything and a wicked sense of humor!  She also gave great advice and great hugs.  She’s such a huge part of who I am today.  But mostly, I’d give anything to know what she thinks of my kids!

5. The best concert I have been to: Oy!  Another tough one.  I’m also kind of a music junkie, and I love live music.  I’m going to have to pick this one based on location: in 1999 we saw G. Love & Special Sauce on Pier 62 in Seattle, WA.  The Pier sits over the water of Elliott Bay and it was a gorgeous night.  Plus, as we started our walk home after the show, we passed the band on the way to their bus and high-fived them all!

6. The sport I most enjoy watching is & my favorite team is: Warning – corny answer! Anything my kids are playing is my favorite sport and, of course, any team they’re on is my favorite team!  I’m that kind of Mom who wears tiger ears and/or team colors – and claps and cheers for everything!

7. Summer or winter…why?: I love them all – the seasons somehow always seem to know when I’m ready for something new. But if I have to choose – Winter!  Why? SKIING!!


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