Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP)

Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP)

  • Continuous Contract with MoDOT for 23 Years
  • Assisted Roughly 50 Missouri Communities Solve Traffic Engineering Problems
  • Work Completed Throughout the State of Missouri
  • Traffic Engineering Consultant for TEAP Program Since Its Inception
  • Average About Five TEAP Projects per Year
  • Sponsored by MoDOT and U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

CBB has assisted numerous Cities and Counties with their traffic engineering needs. Our TEAP experience includes projects such as: traffic sign inventories for the purposes of bringing the traffic control system into conformance with current standards, roadway safety audits and studies of high hazard locations to identify safety counter-measures, analyses of highly congested traffic corridors to identify capacity improvements, and signal system studies to coordinate traffic signal timing plans. Our long history with TEAP has included a variety of projects:

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Operations Studies
  • Intersection Configuration and Control Studies
  • Origin Destination Studies
  • Intersection Safety Studies
  • Traffic Accident Analysis
  • Speed Studies
  • Sign Inventories
  • Traffic Signal Progression Analysis and Design
  • School Route and Crossing Safety Studies
  • Traffic Counts
  • Traffic Control Devices Inventory Application and Layout
  • Parking Supply and Demand
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Transit Studies
  • Lighting Analysis

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