St. Charles Gateways Study

St. Charles Gateways Study

  • Complete Streets Project
  • Focus on Livability and Walkability
  • Partnership Between St. Charles and Local Institutions
  • Catalyst for Economic Redevelopment
  • Comprehensive Transportation Land-Use Approach
  • Promotes Better Connections for Multi-Modal Transportation

CBB assisted the City of Saint Charles and a host of stakeholders in developing a sustainable transportation plan for the Saint Charles Downtown. The Saint Charles Gateways Project is the result of a year-long planning and design process by the City of Saint Charles, SSM Saint Joseph Health Center, Lindenwood University, and area businesses and residents. This collaboration created a shared vision for gateways leading to the downtown core through the creation of a Master Plan for the redevelopment district.

The Master Plan develops a vision for stronger modal connections to the downtown core, including walking, biking, and public transportation. This project leverages the City’s unique character and transform the primary transportation corridor to downtown from Fifth Street through First Capitol Drive into a Complete Street containing the following key components:

  • Implementation of a portion of the St. Louis Region’s Gateway Bike Plan
  • Relocation and/or burial of existing overhead power and communication lines to accommodate an expanded sidewalk zone and remove visual clutter
  • Enhanced pedestrian crosswalks
  • New gateway signage, landscaping, and wayfinding throughout the corridor

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