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Earth Day

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Every year on April 22, individuals, organizations, politicians, communities and many more come together to celebrate the environment and promote awareness about sustainable living. The annual celebration works to gain support for environmental programs and enhance commitment to awareness of our environment. It is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated all around the globe.

At CBB, we have a commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. We believe that multimodal transportation solutions and balanced transportation systems are vital to connecting communities. You will see our project experience includes multiple efforts related to bicycle and pedestrian planning, Great Streets, Complete Streets, trail planning and walkability audits. Since 2005, our work with the Illinois Department of Transportation  on their Signal Coordination and Timing Program have resulted in an average reduction in travel times of approximately 25% for both morning and afternoon peak periods. Not only has this led to reduced fuel costs for motorists, but it has also reduced vehicle emissions by 2.2M pounds!

So, how can you get involved in St. Louis? You can research about the environment through the US Environmental Protection Agency. You can also learn more about St. Louis Earth Day and join the Earth Day Festival this Sunday April 26 in Forest Park!

We hope you have the chance to get out and experience the environment today. For more information about CBB’s sustainable transportation solutions e-mail

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