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Back To School Transportation Preparation

Back To School Transportation Preparation

It’s that time of year again; every store is completely sold out of # 2 pencils, your Facebook or Twitter feed are filled with ‘first day of school pictures,’ and yellow school buses are starting to appear on streets in your neighborhood. Yes, the dreaded or loved (dependent on who you talk to) back to school days are here.

Although preparation often involves picking out the perfect outfit and carefully crossing off every supply on your list, it is important to consider your trip and transportation mode as you make the journey to school. We are here to help you prepare for your children’s journey to, and from school.

According to various reports, 30 years ago nearly half of all school children biked or walked as they made their journey; but today only 13 percent participate in this active transportation. However, active transportation is extremely important to public health, air quality, and safety around school proximity. Here are a few ways you can start choosing active transportation for your daily school commute.

  1. Safe Routes to School – These programs are efforts by parents and community leaders that are focused on improving the health for children by making biking or walking to school appealing and attractive. Projects work to improve safety around schools so that parents feel safe participating in active transportation. Find more information here.
  2. Practice safe biking with your children – Click here for an article on how to practice biking as a mode of transportation safely. You will want to be sure your children are fully outfitted in protective gear, as well as understand proper cycling etiquette.  This link is beneficial as you work to encourage active transportation.
  3. Participate in local or national events – Look to see how you can get active in the safe routes to school program in your community. Events are a great way to participate and gain a better understanding of active transportation, as well as meeting others who are involved. Nationally, be sure to take part in International Walk to School Day on October 8! Click here for more information.

There are plenty of resources available online about active transportation, and we have included just a few. Good luck and well wishes for a PROSPEROUS, SAFE, and ACTIVE school year.

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